About Jamiee Guerrero

Engaging in a number of charitable events and organizations, Jamiee Guerrero commits time and energy towards the betterment of her community. Jamiee Guerrero cooks for, nurtures, and aids families and individuals who require the assistance of Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc. Maintaining a long tradition of service, Catholic Charities empowers individuals like Jamiee Guerrero to bring about tangible change in the community. Beyond her volunteer activities, Jamiee Guerrero also contributes resources to groups such as Elevate Hope Foundation and the HollyRod Foundation, which promote health and medical advancement. Jamiee Guerrero also supports cancer-related organizations such as the Children’s Cancer Fund of America and the Breast Cancer Prevention Fund. Via such groups, donations from Jamiee Guerrero and others go to combating disorders and illnesses by searching for cures and offering support. Jamiee Guerrero is also an accomplished member of the fashion industry. After earning a degree in 2006 from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, Jamiee Guerrero found success in the inaugural Valsport America Model Search competition, which judged candidates from both Canada and the United States. A new pursuit for Jamiee Guerrero is her studies in nursing, complemented by her employment in a plastic surgeon’s office in Beverly Hills, California. In her spare time, Jamiee Guerrero enjoys tennis, reading, traveling, and fine dining.


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